Cloud Promoter allows easy setup and scheduling of Google My Business Posts! Just click, create and schedule messaging to get more customer calls and sign-ups through effective online engagement on Google Maps without the hassle!

Stay In Front of People Searching for Your Local Products or Services:

Businesses That Use GMB Posts with added photos and videos get more clicks, calls, and direction requests leading to more sales and leads. Isn't that what you want?

Boost User/Customer Engagement

Millions of people search Google every day looking for local-based stores, dealers, medical care, dining, automotive, home-improvement, and other services. Your GMB listing is the key to bringing them to you.

Show Google That You Care About Your Business

Google likes and rewards relevant content so give Google and its users what they want and reap the benefits of greater local search visiblity.  


Provide Relevant and Important Updates

Post events, new product, and service announcements, emergency opening and closing alerts, etc to stay in touch with customers (existing, and potential) as they search. 

Strengthen Your Overall Business Profile and Related Info Through News and Event Posts

Get more customers and more sales. Add Images, Links and Call To Action buttons to get more calls, or drive traffic to your site or local business location for sales and special events.

Just claiming your Google My Business profile is not enough.  

According to a local ranking factor research report by MOZ (a leading SEO (search engine optimization) influencer and research organization) GMB posts are an important factor in local pack search rankings.

Their recommendation: “Start using Google posts NOW At least once per week, but preferably a few times per week. “

This sounds easy at first, but if you’re a busy business owner, posting weekly can become a time-consuming hassle, totally forgotten, often neglected, or yet another burden on your to-do list.


Work Smarter

Use Cloud Promoter's Automation Functions To...

Make Life Easier

CloudPromoter makes managing GMB posts easier and marketing and promotion a lot less painful. Now you can stay on track and stay on top of your business marketing on a local level with a fully automated Google compliant posting system. Announce your products, services, specials, sales, special offers and more!

Beat Your Competition

According to Search Engine Land, “6% of businesses with photos have just one photo on their GMB profile, and a shocking 24% have just 2 to 5 photos! “ Google loves relevant business photos. That’s an amazing opportunity for you to show off your business and give consumers what they want as they look for new businesses to buy from. Put your image and info postings on autopilot and be sure to always be at the ready when people search.

Better Results

Get better results in Direct search where a customer directly searched for your business name or address.
Get better results in Discovery searches too where a customer searched for a category, product, or service that you offer, and your listing appears.
Get better visibility on Google MAPS by posting useful and relevant content strategically and consistently. 

How It Works

Take Full Advantage of Your GMB Listings!
Use CloudPromoter to Post Now or Put Your Google My Business Posts on Auto-Pilot


Create An Account

Just create your account to start using Cloud Promoter


Connect To Your GMB Account

Follow the steps to connect to your GMB account to manage listings. One location listing or many, you can do it all from here.


Create Your Posts

Use our built-in online editor to create posts and add your relevant images to draw customer attention. Keep them simple (a single sentence or detailed paragraphs) and/or add images for more views and potential clicks.


Publish Your Post

Send your post directly to your GMB listing or schedule it for later delivery and take advantage of better GMB ranks, click-throughs and higher customer engagement.

Featuring Dynamic Posts!
Generate Unique and Engaging Automated Posts While You Sleep Using Your Own Human Generated Preset Content!
  1. POST IMMEDIATELY - no special actions required, just create your posts and publish right away from the simple dashboard. Try it now!
  2. PRE_SCHEDULE POSTS - Setup posts with text and images and have them publish on your schedule... 24/7 when you want them to using our automated scheduling and publishing feature. Try it now!
  3. REPEAT POSTS - Setup posts to repeat weekly, monthly, whenever you choose for maximum impact. Stay in front of your audience of customers both existing and  potential ones. Try it now!

Manage Your GMB Posts From Anywhere

Manage One Location or 1000. Perfect for Individuals, Franchise or Multi-Location Business Managers and Marketing Agencies.


Get Location and GMB Post Insights

Use CloudPromoter and your GMB account to see exactly what’s happening at your business locations. Get a handle on how many calls, request for driving directions, appointments, etc. you're getting as you manage your GMB posts the easy way.

Schedule Automated Posts

Schedule posts from your dashboard to keep your GMB listings active and updated to show Google that you want to engage with clients and customers. Give Google what they want and be rewarded with greater user interaction even while you’re on leave or busy supporting and building other areas of your business.

Create Call-To-Action Posts

Post important event-updates, news, product launches, service announcements, sales and other important events and give readers a method of contact or simply send them to your website to learn more, contact you or to set-up an appointment.

Post Photos, Images, and Videos* (coming soon)

Drive conversions with related post images and videos to inform and incite action and engagement by people searching for your business products and services. Research shows that posts with photos, images, and videos get more clicks, calls, and driving direction requests. Businesses with more GMB photos appear in more direct and discovery searches



$ 9 / month
  • Manage One Location
    Schedule Unlimited Posts
    Repeating Posts
    Dynamic Posts
    Post Images


$ 19 / month
  • Manage 10 Locations
    Schedule Unlimited Posts
    Repeating Posts
    Dynamic Posts
    Post Images


$ 39 / month
  • Manage 50 Locations
    Schedule Unlimited Posts
    Repeating Posts
    Dynamic Posts
    Post Images


$ 99 / month
  • Manage 100 Locations
    Schedule Unlimited Posts
    Repeating Posts
    Dynamic Posts
    Post Images


Cloud Promoter is an online Google My Business (GMB) post management system that allows you to create, schedule and manage posts for greater ease and greater visibility on Google Maps.

You can post on your own. However, Cloud Promoter let's you post 24/7 from anywhere in the world even while you sleep. Just setup posts today and schedule them to publish at any selected time in the future.

Yes it's pretty easy. Just open an account, choose a plan, connect to your GMB account and then choose the business locations you want to manage. Form there you can quickly setup and optionally schedule posts.

Nope. Cloud promoter is very cost effective for small business owners managing one or more locations to agencies managing multiple client locations.

Cloud Promoter was created by Client by Design, LLC. A leading Online technology and marketing company that loves search engines.

Dynamic posts allow you to maximize the power of scheduled posts that have been set to repeat. Simply drop in Dynamic Text items to replace similar words and phrases and create unique messages with each and every post. So one typed message can create many unique future messages with no further intervention from you or your staff. Used properly, this is a powerful feature that we believe can truly encourage consumers to visit your posts often to check for daily specials, timely offers, promotions, news etc.

We don't confuse you like some other posting services do. Just open an account for the total number of locations you need to manage. If you manage 10 restaurant brands with one location per brand then you will need a 10 location package. If you manage 50 roofing companies with 2 locations each then you will need a 100 location package. It's that simple.

Posting is unlimited for every month-month subscription account. No posting limits, however we do recommend that you DO NOT post more than necessary, unless you really have news or relevant info to share.

As many as you need. Just set your posts to repeat at intervals that make sense to you. Be sure to follow any Google Guidelines to not have your posts appear to be useless or spammy.

Yes! Glad you asked. Each account comes with complete access to the GMB Optimization Guide. Plus we will post additional tips from time to time to help you get higher ranking on Google Maps, post better and with greater impact. 

We'll keep it simple. We do not allow or tolerate SPAM of any kind. Any accounts not adhering to strict Google posting standards will be immediately suspended. We want to help create opportunities for small and local business by giving them a tool to reach out to customers and for consumers to get even greater value in Google search results. Please see the article Make Great Business Posts at for more info.


Have any questions? Just contact us for more info!

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